where is CPID for my account?

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Message boards : Number crunching : where is CPID for my account?

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Message 3417 - Posted: 16 Jan 2016 | 12:20:02 UTC


This seems like a very meaningful project to BOINC, but why don't you list the CPID in your account info? In all other BOINC projects, this is listed in the 'Computing and Credit' section of Your Account. I need to know that my CPID is the same for this project as all other projects so I can participate here as a member of a team without having a "split CPID" issue. Thanks for checking on this.

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Message 3418 - Posted: 17 Jan 2016 | 12:45:18 UTC

I don't know, but if you're using the same id and email address, I thought the CPID would be the same for all projects anyway? It is for me. If I check my stats on (for example) http://signature.statseb.fr/ then it shows my CPID on there, along with all the projects associated with it, including RadioactiveAtHome.

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Message 3626 - Posted: 12 Jan 2018 | 10:49:51 UTC - in response to Message 3417.

what do you mean?

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Message boards : Number crunching : where is CPID for my account?

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