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Posted 3904 days ago by leprechaun
Again one month past. No answer of the team what with the ordered sensors is.

Who himself would like to do handicraft, a real alternative. German English
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Posted 3933 days ago by leprechaun
In spring, 2012 our team "Wetterboard" has ordered 30 sensors from you. As in your forum is to be read, the parts have already received a lot. Against it our team is without further information. How is the state? Exists in 2013, in 2014.... In 2022 hope?
The patience is to an end.
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Posted 3994 days ago by leprechaun
Glad Christmas to the whole team from Radioactive@home.
Thanks for the performed wonderful present work.
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Posted 4150 days ago by leprechaun
To have to open no new Thread I write sometimes here purely.

I have a question to the Credits.
Which is why the everyday Credits although the PC 24 hours sway operates?

14.07 = 123
15.07 = 150
16.07 = 174
17.07 - 19.07 = 147

On which basis are the Credits calculated?
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Posted 4408 days ago by leprechaun

Now I have 2 WU one after the other without Credits. The sensor is connected and also counts. Specially Buzzer switched on.

Edit: OK, does. Error found. Sorry.
6) Message boards : News : Detector's pre-ordering (Message 290)
Posted 4442 days ago by leprechaun
Thank you for the info and your work.

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