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1) Message boards : News : Second detector release (Message 766)
Posted 2611 days ago by Yeti45
.... but an additional module is needed ....

oh.. how do we get this module? Maybe you could add two (for me) to the batch for Saenger?
2) Message boards : News : Preparing for secend detectors release (Message 758)
Posted 2614 days ago by Yeti45

I have been waiting to order one for Indiana USA for a very long time now, did i miss the chance to order one this time? If not I very much want to participate.

I think you want to look here and ask Keith for one ;)
3) Message boards : Science : Any explanation for this peak? (Message 673)
Posted 2663 days ago by Yeti45
maybe you did a reset on your PC and the graph was not generated as intended?
look here:

this was in the results for your host-id:
3320305,91,10,2011-12-03 11:52:56,53.064697,8.812038,0.663,n
3320306,91,16,2011-12-03 11:53:35,53.064697,8.812038,0.662,n
3322137,91,160,2011-12-03 12:04:19,53.064697,8.812038,10.054,f
3322138,91,6,2011-12-03 12:04:59,53.064697,8.812038,0.662,n
3322139,91,8,2011-12-03 12:05:39,53.064697,8.812038,0.662,n

maybe time and date are wrong.. or are there only old dates in the database?
4) Message boards : Cafe : Your detector (Message 489)
Posted 2723 days ago by Yeti45
so here is mine, placed in an old Siemens Modem Box :)

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