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11) Message boards : Number crunching : Fluctuating readings from my detector this week (Message 1160)
Posted 3024 days ago by Profile Ascholten
That's insane. That's a lot of dose too really. I never knew that either about radioactive stuff leaking out of ones body.

What happens if you have a wife who is pregnant? Or young children? They should warn you of stuff like that.

12) Message boards : Science : Detector bugs (Message 1139)
Posted 3048 days ago by Profile Ascholten
I got a GPS on my boat, just your standard that's accurate to a bout 2 to 3 M. Even my 5 year old handheld is good to 3M. Getting a signal inside a building depends on structure etc, however I am finding that the newer devices can lock on a LOT faster than the older ones. My old handheld used to take about a minute to wind up, the new one in maybe 20 seconds it's already locked and honing in on accuracy.

13) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1134)
Posted 3048 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Unfortunately it's my 6 core that's having the fits. I wonder if the GPU grid tasks are any part of the culprit, ive seen them do some off things from time to time. It's been behaving so far today though.

I think Ill still see what that mega cruncher is going to set me back, need to do a little research on the 16 core chips still. See several of them out there but hear some of them share math processors so that will not work well. I won't get the 800 dollar top of the line each chip but don't want the on the cheap one either. It looks like the Tyan motherboard will handle them easily too and I might even be able to put a good gtx on it too.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1132)
Posted 3049 days ago by Profile Ascholten
I hear what you are saying Dagorath but to have it work for a few months and then all of the sudden decide it wants to throw random tantrums? Well... maybe it's the excuse to buy the 64 core cruncher I been wanting to get.

15) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1130)
Posted 3049 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Dagorath it does it without your script and with. The port faults to the point of lockup it seems. The strange thing about this is, windows generally just ignores bad USB faults, it locks out the port and goes on it's way, which it does, but even in shut down windows just ignores the port. Not this time, it blue screens.

I have tried different ports, different settings on windows. It's hit or miss though, it may go a few days with NOTHING going wrong, then all of the sudden it does this for a day or two. NOTHING changed on my side, NO I did not let windows install any updates etc. This is why I am questioning if there is something goig on on the project / server side. My side is not changing, is theirs?

I even swapped the detector with one on one of my other machines to rule out hardware failure. I swapped the USB cable.

I don't think it's a boinc thing either since I updated the version I am running, (much to my chagrin as I do not like this new version of Boinc) .

It's behaving itself a bit better now. Let's see I guess.

16) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1128)
Posted 3050 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Ok, this is beginning to really piss me off now. The stupid thing is locking up like every 5 or 6 hours. It's actually locking up the USB port to the point where I can't even do a normal windows shutdown, it freezes up and eventually blue screens with a USB error. Now I wait 20 minutes for the shit to reset on the reboot. I tried a different detector, same thing, it keeps freezing for no reason.

Dagorath I tried your script but it's not helping when the port is locked out to the point it kills windows. Thank you anyways for the effort.

Why would a perfectly working computer start doing this crap? My other computer which was having lockout issues is now working pretty good actually. This makes me think more and more it's something with the project.

I tried installing the newest boinc and well, I don't like it, it has some pretty significant issues with GPU tasks and not releasing CPU tasks properly to fetch more. I thought an upgraded boinc might help with the busy error but I still am having these problems. I tried plugging into a different usb port on the computer too, no help.

This gets really annoying.

17) Message boards : Number crunching : Detector's pre-ordering - U.S.A. Residents (Message 1120)
Posted 3052 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Keith, when these are gone, are you going to get another batch or let someone else do it next round?

Just curious.

18) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 1118)
Posted 3053 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Thanks because I just pre ordered their newest smart phone and it would be cool if we could use it for the project.

External power, hmm, like putting a battery in the thing in the spare area on the detector. That is definately doable, I might even put a switch on it to turn it on and off. Im thinking a little lipo might work. USB is what 5 volt? What is the lowest volts this thing will work reliably on?

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 1115)
Posted 3054 days ago by Profile Ascholten
I notice that when you look up a persons profile, it will show badges earned for the project. It appears the first one is available at 10k points. Is there a list anywhere of all the badges? Also is it possible that a persons badges show up under their name somewhere in the forum when they post?

Just a little something that might spark up some friendly competetion between folks.

Finally, is there a way to run Boinc / R@H on a HTC phone? (android)

Thank you.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1110)
Posted 3056 days ago by Profile Ascholten
I stumbled across something that I wonder if it has something to do with some of these problems.

Under power themes, you can adjust the power use of your computer.... sort of. It has an area where you can tell it to turn USB ports on or off, (im assuming depending on useage on them). I just turned mine to disable that function.

This makes me wonder, if part of the windows problem with the USB port hanging might be something to do with Winblows turning off the port on the detector, even briefly, and that causing the data hangup / port lockup / lockout.

Granted in a perfect world, windows would see the USB port in use and not touch it, but all it would take is one app to bog windows down or eat a processors attention for a few seconds, and this could cause a USB port to get 'burped' which would be plenty enough to cause a problem with the USB.

Just thinking out loud.

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