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21) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1107)
Posted 2940 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Well, I went and upgraded to Boinc 7.0.25 and so far it seems ok.
Now a problem I am seeing is, before my cpu used to run at around 80 percent utilization for all tasks, which would zip them out pretty quick.

Now, even with the settings the same, i rarely exceed 50 percent cpu utilization.
Anyone have any ideas WTF is happening now? I didn't change anything that I can see and I have my power scheme to run for performance when possible.

sigh... I am really beginning to tire of this boinc bug / windows garbage.

22) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1102)
Posted 2943 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Thanks Dagorath, ill probably try the update on Boinc. This time the damned thing just locked up after running for a few hours, I come home to find the stupid project stalled for 16 hours of nothing. I never had any problems with this computer at all, it would run for days and days, now all of the sudden I can't get the thing to run for a few hours without problems.

they really need to fix this crap.

Edit: I installed the new boinc and got a waiting for scheduler error, WTF ever that means. I had to do a hard reboot on the computer only to find that the USB port was locked so bad it blue screened the computer on shut down procedure.

Rebooted and now it's running on Boinc 7, calling it non cpu intensive. I swapped to a different USB port hope that helps.

WHY is this all of the sudden causing such problems when I have changed nothing on my system? Have you guys changed anything with the program or server at all?

23) Message boards : Number crunching : another wierd error (Message 1100)
Posted 2944 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Ok, now my one computer which RH was running fine on is starting to play the usb stall game.

Today I came home to find the task 4 hours into it, normally takes 30 minutes, so obviously was stalled. Unplugging and replugging the detector did not work, it usually works on my other machine when it hangs up.

I stopped / restarted boinc and got a Waiting to run (waiting for GPU memory) on the radioactive task. Why would it have to wait for GPU memory? That makes no sense, especially considering that my vid card has 2 gig of memory and the crunching task in it is using maybe 750k at most?

Any ideas?
24) Message boards : Science : detector testing with real radioactive sources (Message 1086)
Posted 2948 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Out of curiosity, when we literally nuke these things they read a low.

what about slightly high, or medium doses. say maybe 1 uSV/h which would still be very high as a background and maybe 5 or 10 or even .50

In other words test them at levels we are more likely to see to see how accurate they are. (Ok if we see levels even that high we should be hauling ass out of there, but IF something did happen, this might be more realistic an initial dose to see short of a nuclear burst in which case we better load up on Potassium Iodide and Prussian blue.

25) Message boards : Science : Detector bugs (Message 1069)
Posted 2950 days ago by Profile Ascholten
My hangs tend to be on an older pentium class machine running xp. ehh. probably 7 or so years old. Beat to hell old laptop. The others rarely hang if at all.
Dagorath I will try to get the supporting software installed and give your script a shot this weekend and report back how it works. That computer hangs pretty reliably every two or so days so we should get a good test of your script there hopefully.

I do want to thank you for taking the time to do the script to help the project out.

26) Message boards : Science : Detector bugs (Message 1062)
Posted 2952 days ago by Profile Ascholten
I have my backlight on all the time.

The detector works like normal, it's just that it isn't sending the data to boinc, when you check the task, you can see that it has hours elapsed and no data to it.

Most of the time it appears to hang at zero percent, but I have seen on one or two occasion where it hung in the middle of a task, like at 26 percent or something.

27) Message boards : News : 26th Anniversary of Chernobyl disaster (Message 1033)
Posted 2954 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Every industry can have accidents. These industries are manned for the most part, by caring, responsible individuals, who as you said, will sacrifice their own lives for the safety of the general public.

They will purposely go into harms way to try to prevent a horrific catastrophe that could potentially harm millions, knowing full well, they probably will not be coming out.

Sadly, you don't hear about this kind of bravery. If you do, it's just a brief flash in the pan the lame stream media streams for a quick headline, then moves on, leaving their heroic deeds to die off with the heros who performed them.

Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Japan, there WILL be more places to this list. With as many nuke plants as we have, it's just a matter of time.

Unfortunately humans, as a general trait, tend to forget those sacrifices made so that others may live. (no Im not just talking military either, but any willful sacrifice of life)

Whether we are friends or enemies, whether we agree or not on politics or whatever... every society has people who will make sacrifices when the need comes to protect fellow man.

It would be nice if there was an international 'Memorial Day' in remembrance to all those people who gave their lives to save their fellow countrymen from sure ill fate. Just one day a year, when the entire world could put aside it's petty difference, and pay tribute to those who gave everything to protect us all. Whether it's a power plant worker, who ran back into a melting reactor room to try to shut it down, or the fireman who ran into a burning building trying to save a child, they both are heros and any deed like that needs to be remembered.

Just thinking out loud.

28) Message boards : Science : Detector bugs (Message 1032)
Posted 2954 days ago by Profile Ascholten
Thank you for pointing out the issues with the detector. It is through member feedback that the project grows and the devices are debugged and become more useful.

FWIW, at 20 cps or 100 cps, what is the dosage of radiation being received at that rate. Is this a dose that is realistically going to be seen? If so, how long before the person there is cooked?

The maximum dose 'allowed' is 20 mSv/yr. 20 milli sievert a year.

I am assuming one 'click' = .01 uSv/h

20 CPS assuming you mean 'clicks per second', If I am wrong correct me please.
That would be 12 uSv/min 720 uSv/hr..... Roughly 1 mSv/ per hour and a half.

1.25 days for your annual dosage.

If CPS is for Curies Per Second, again, big dose coming at you. The detector I believe was meant to be more of a background detector and if you are really in a high rad area, it becomes much more critical to know the amount for your health, so you might want to invest in a more accurate device.

If your detector sounds like the buzzer on your dryer, either way, accuracy not withstanding, you are in trouble.

29) Message boards : Cafe : Your detector (Message 1026)
Posted 2954 days ago by Profile Ascholten
or it's the monolith from what movie was that 2001 space odessy, one of the star treks, or am i getting my sci fi confused again?

30) Message boards : Number crunching : Device communication error (Message 1003)
Posted 2960 days ago by Profile Ascholten
You have to remember that even if you turn your computer off, many times there is still power applied to some places, this includes your USB. The only reliable way to really 'reset' the thing is to unplug it from the computer so there is NO power on it. Even a cold reboot of the computer, if the device is in a comm lockup, is not going to necessarily reset it.

power surges can do this, wiggling the cable can do this, Winblows will do this from time to time just for the hell of it, I am seeing on two of my machines.

For future designs of the detector, perhaps have some sort of reset button on the front of it, I press it in, it breaks the 5 volt from the USB, (same as if I unplugged it). This thing takes little power, even an SCR on the power bus, you could easily program an 'off bias' / 'on bias' to hit it at say (user preference set in settings plus 5 minutes) with that timer resetting after every new task assigned.

Actually having the control turn the SCR off, once it dies, that logic command goes away and it automatically resets to on state or something might work well.

My thinking on this is, people set in their preferences how long they want their unit to run per task. You set a 'software timer' or hardware or something to that amount of time (as read from preferences file) plus say 10 minutes. This way, if something goes wrong, the thing hits 100 percent and does not upload or stops communicating for some reason, after the ten minute timeout, it performs a 'hard reset' on the device to hopefully jumpstart it. With the power off, the data section should quit sending and your computer should see it the same way as a cable unplug and reset the port as well. If the device is working properly, then once it uploads an old task, gets a new task, that timer is automatically reset. (no need for reset if the thing is working).

You don't have to use an SCR, I just threw that out there as an example, you can probably accomplish the same thing through other means.

If this sounds confusing I can try to reword it. Basically this is essentially hoping for a 'self check' on the device, if it's talking and getting new tasks, fine, if not, it 'resets' itself preferrable w/o my babysitting it.

Maybe if you don't want to play with new stuff on the device, program in a 'reset' function and the server can do this check and send a POR command to it via it's own coding?

I don't know how it is programmed or how hard this might be, just throwing odd ideas out there in hopes someone with a clue might be able to use one of them.


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