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1) Message boards : Number crunching : CAPTCHA not working (Message 3760)
Posted 410 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Users appear unable to register for the project through the project website due to the reCAPTCHA needing to be updated.

Users are able to still create account using the BOINC client or through BAM!
2) Message boards : News : New detectors... (Message 3755)
Posted 411 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I too am interested in at least one. Please let us know if there are any discounts for ordering multiples on the same order. (I'm in the USA)
3) Message boards : [H]ard|OCP message board (Message 3301)
Posted 1699 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I have turned on the feature for message boards here. I did this because not everyone whom joins our team is registered at our primary forum. The only people whom can see posts here are members of our team. Or at least that is my understanding.
4) Message boards : News : New informations about delay / order status etc. (Message 1682)
Posted 2519 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Could we possibly get a mailing list for those interested in the next batch. I quite frankly don't want to have to check in often just to see if I can catch you.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Where can I get the sensor? (Message 1651)
Posted 2557 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
This info should really be on the front page. Perhaps a link rather then in the news section.

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