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1) Message boards : Cafe : How to act when sensor shows unpredicted values? (Message 2160)
Posted 3814 days ago by Profile abyss
At the time of Chernobyl disaster I was quite young and was living in Poland, 300 miles away from this explosion. Our government apply Iodine ( Iodi solutio aquosa) to all children. I have lucky to one from my teachers was nuclear specialist, so he confirm this is a good solution (not all belived it is ok for us!).
From that time I remember there was a lot of misconducting informations about problems, doses and danger level. Definitely better is a to collect this info and now "what to do" before SHTF. Of course it is hard to predict what will happened - if there will be any explosion, attack, will have local or global range. Moreover - if we will be in EMP (electromagnetic pulse) range our access to internet information can be dramatically reduced. So in my opinion better is a be prepared BEFORE something happens.
2) Message boards : Cafe : How to act when sensor shows unpredicted values? (Message 2133)
Posted 3830 days ago by Profile abyss
You can sleep safe - there is a no strange readings on the map now.
But one day you can wake up at the morning and see for example 20msV or other "big" value.
What I'm should to do? - It's a first question.
Definitely first is a check neighbours reading on the map and other sources of information (some countries have radiation monitoring systems available for public), press, radio and Internet is a important source of information as well. If you somehow confirm you have no faulty sensor (other sensor near you have as well unusual reading) you have to decide to act somehow.

Most of us heard critical dose for person is a 100 Rad (for ~3 month). All doses above this value are seriously dangerous for your health and can be lethal.

What you do? How your action depend of reading if will be for example 10, 50, 100 micro sV - or more?

3) Message boards : Science : Is it essential where the detector is placed? (Message 2034)
Posted 3921 days ago by Profile abyss
Please look at my sensor reading.

It was moved at 18/09/2013 about 70 cm up in same location, just from behind of power wirings/ PC case which makes kind of shielding. Average redings goes up, say +10%.
Earlier I realize there was influence on the sensor from heat/strong sun radiation as well.
What's mean: location of the sensor should be described. Maybe we can do some improvement on our database?

Acvtual reading:
4) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 2031)
Posted 3922 days ago by Profile abyss
There are a more issues with project. In my opinion there should be fitted 2 sensors - one indoor and one outdoor. Unfortunately at this moment sensors are just for indoor and we have no details about "physical environment" of sensor. It will act different in-house, back of 2 or 3 walls from steel from reinforced concrete with 24 cm thickness, at 7 stage of 11 stage high tower and different at the second stage of wooden house.

Back to the percentage of connected sensors - it will be good for you (yes, I mean you - person, who have sensor and don't connect it to the net). When "shit happends" and people can see 4-5 (even yellow) dots on the map there will be instantly buzz in internet/media/press. And you will hear that even if you are not checking sensor itself. If in you are is connected only 1 sensor people can think: oh, that's again situation when somebody is testing his unit...

Have to say some history:
I was at work, was sunny bright day. I'm come back to home and first think what I'm realize when enter to the room was very quick ticking from my sensor. My Girlfriend was sitting in that room and don't realize what's going on. When I'm asking her: "hey, you dont realize something happends ?" She say: "I know sensor is ticking". And she was sitting in the room and don't call me...
So people does NOT react. That can be your mother, sister etc. Luckille that was mistake allarm, as my sensor was located on the windowsill and alarm was switched by sun radiation and temperature just back of window glass. But in bad and real scenario that can be worse :/

5) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 2024)
Posted 3925 days ago by Profile abyss
By the way - how many of sent sensors are working on-line?
If you have a sensor and is lying in the drawer - is a useless for you and for other part of our community. Do some effort and install software & add sensor to the map.
6) Message boards : News : Orders confirmation email (Message 2022)
Posted 3925 days ago by Profile abyss
How to install radioactive at home sensor ?

Here is a instruction:

In short words (and this is kind of rough instruction):
- download boinc software from - it will be started in windows tray and start automatically when you start your Windows system
- select as your boinc program
- create your account here
- connect your sensor to USB port of PC (you should have actual radiation info on display, and unit blips every short time ~1 second)
- Wait until your computer sends the first data (that will take some time, it's not minutes, mostly few hours)
- add a sensor to the map when will be possible
- if you know your sensor number you can use banner with your sensor number using for example: (8735 is my sensor number)
7) Message boards : News : New informations about delay / order status etc. (Message 1673)
Posted 4096 days ago by Profile abyss
What the project need:

- ordered/sent/launched sensors list (imo best will be with nickname, to try keep people be responsible part of community)
- frequent (i.e. every 2 weeks) report

I've got my sensor ~3 weeks ago and is working "full time". I hope all other will do same...

I know, this is a volunteer project and is a NOT easy to do all things on schedule. BUT we have to try...
8) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 1599)
Posted 4165 days ago by Profile abyss
Encouraging view - and 24 happy guys :)
Hope they will connect sensors quite quick to the network.
9) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 1504)
Posted 4207 days ago by Profile abyss
In my opinion main problem was lack of information: "Houston, we have a problem". It's normal to have delay, technical issues, lack of time etc. Life is a life. Hope with a couple of weeks we can got more green points on map :)
10) Message boards : News : New detectors release soon! (Message 1371)
Posted 4280 days ago by Profile abyss
Have you any sending policy? I mean - for example - first goes locations with a lowest density of sensors, "border" regions - etc?

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