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Posted 499 days ago by apotheca
So I've recently I got a couple of request for the GMC300 files for the Radioactive@home. So I relived how I did it so many years ago and gave the files to them. They reported back to me it worked for them too. So here is a link for the files I have and the instructions on how to do it.

The only annoyance I have with the application is does not automatically open the com port on the GMC300. It has to be done manually with is outlined in the how to file. If someone who knows coding could fix that would be my hero.

My Sensor ID is 1974 on the Radioactive@home map. It comes up as unknown sensor on the map where other GMC units show they are GMC300. So I don't know if I have an older version of the application. So there maybe later versions out there i'm not aware of.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : using a GMC-300 for a project detector? (Message 2044)
Posted 2146 days ago by apotheca
WOW! I am impressed! So a year ago when I got my GMC-300 I posed the question if the unit would work with Radioactive@home. The little bit that I got was it maybe be done but would be a lot of work. Then a project at work took over my life for a month and I forgot about this. Yesterday I came across the Radioactive@home web page that referred to the GMC-300. I was shocked to say the least. I read all the post in the thread and followed the instructions. Now I'm online using my GMC-300. You guys rock! I wish I could have been more involved in the testing but sometimes life just gets in the way.

I do have to add that I had some of the same problems that others had in connecting to the unit the first time after a reboot. It takes some shutting down of bonic and checking with the GMC-300 software. Then shutting down the GMC-300 software and restarting the bonic. This seems to work best. Also I disconnected the 9 volt battery in the unit so it won't be over charged. It's running just fine on USB power only.

Again, Thank you TJM, Dagorath, miki_e, chillomatic, JP_Austin, foovax, and wd9dui for all the work you guys put in to this.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : using a GMC-300 for a project detector? (Message 1418)
Posted 2489 days ago by apotheca
Tonight I had some time to play with the data output of the GMC-300. I was able to use hyperterminal to connect to the unit and start a data output with the command <HEARTBEAT1>>. It then gave an output every second as described in the communication protocol document. This is where my knowlege of what to do with ends. making an app/scrips for anonymous platform is not something I know how to do.

I didn't realize when I ordered the unit on e-bay that GQ electronics is in Seattle,WA. I live an hour south of them. I sometimes have to do service calls in Seattle. I might drive by their location to see if they have a store front when i'm up there.

As far as the GMC-080 goes I think it is a sripped down version of the GMC-200. I noticed the main difference between the GMC-200 and GMC-300 besides the LCD screen is that the GMC-300 has a USB output only. The GMC-200 and GMC-080 is an audio jack output that plugs in to the mic port on your ipod. I did see a audio to USB cable listed as part of the GMC-200 package. Since both GMC-200 and GMC-300 use the same software, I would expect a scrip written for one will work on all models.
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Posted 2491 days ago by apotheca
I reading though my manual that I downloaded for the unit. It referred to the protocol on the download page so one can use it for their own projects. It is 8 items down on the download page on the web site. I tried to hyper terminal to my unit using the settings it states. but it did not respond to my command. I will try again this weekend when I have more time to play with it. That darn work thing is always getting in the way.

this is a little bit from that protocol document that might be used.

The serial port communication is based on a fixed baud rate.
Baud: 57600
Data bit: 8
Parity: None
Stop bit: 1
Control: None

3. Turn on the GQ GMC heartbeat

Note: This command enable the GQ GMC unit to send count per second data to host every second automatically.

Command: <HEARTBEAT1>>

Return: A 16 bit unsigned integer is returned every second automatically. Each data package consist of 2 bytes data from GQ GMC unit. The first byte is MSB byte data and second byte is LSB byte data.

e.g.: 10 1C the returned 1 second count is 28. Only lowest 14 bits are used for the valid data bit. The highest bit 15 and bit 14 are reserved data bits.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : using a GMC-300 for a project detector? (Message 1394)
Posted 2493 days ago by apotheca
I have a GMC-300 geiger counter from
is there a way to use this as my detector? it comes with USB to serial drivers that covert it to a com port on the PC. The software that comes with the detector reads the real time data coming from the detector much like the bonic project does. Is there a way for radioactive@home to connect to the detector?

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