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Posted 2045 days ago by Stone

It's Stone, from Canada, and I just wanted you to know that I have received the detector that you have sent to me. I have attached it to the computer that I will be using it on for this project, and everything is going well so far!

As of June 16 2013, I have turned in 21 WU tasks so far, and everything seems to be running just great. I have added it to the map, and gotten it setup in the preferences.

Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this project to get it going.

Thanks again,

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Posted 2309 days ago by Stone
Hey Krzysztof,

How are you doing? A little stressed out with this new batch of detectors going out, I bet...

I am ready, and waiting for the detector, and eager to get going with the project!

Will you be sending out e-mails when the detectors ship? Or will we just get them when we get them? I understand it depends on other suppliers and on conditions that you do not control 100% of. I am just wondering...


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Posted 2340 days ago by Stone
I also got an 2nd email asking me to confirm my order of 1 detector - I just ignored it since I have already confirmed with you that you have my payment and my shipping info.

I will keep you posted on if I get any more.

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Posted 2361 days ago by Stone

Once you get the payments for the detectors, and the new form filled out (as per the e-mail that was sent out), will you be sending out a confirmation of payment received? I am just wondering.

Thanks in advance,

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Posted 2381 days ago by Stone
I'm sorry for delay, but my (one) week holiday I spent mainly in hospitals. Now everything should by ok and we will start orders collection soon :)

Answering all your questions - yes, we will ship detectors to (I think) every country, but quantity are restricted to 300pcs (well, about 200 are already reserved for people registered before and groups/teams). :)

I am so sorry to hear that you got sick on your one week off. That's not good. I have a long term injury from the Army and I am 100% disabled, so I see a lot of doctors. I hope whatever happened with you is clearing up quickly and that you are feeling better now. I am so sorry to hear that your one week vaction was spent in hospitals and with doctors. It's not a good thing.

As for 300 units, I would just like to get the one for the one machine I am planning on running the project on...hehe Actually I have about 6 or 7 machines currently running BOINC on them right now, but I can only afford to get the one detector for this project, for now.

I am also rebuilding another 6-8 PCs just to run BOINC on. I have a friend who was running a retail PC store, but he went out of business, so I got some really good deals on a bunch of desktop PCs. It's just going to take me some time to build them up into working machines due to my injuries though.

Will you be sending out emails about the ordering, or posting up a new thread on the boards? I want to know where to watch out for the announcement if at all possible.


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Posted 2385 days ago by Stone
Yes, if I had checked my e-mail earlier, I would have known that too. I have been quite busy with the doctors this week. Nothing serious, just maintenancce! hehe

I am not the best when it comes to reading e-mails, I am used to using the PMs and the forums for a lot of this stuff. I will get better at doing it.

I used to work in IT and was married to my e-mail - lived and died by it so to speak, so now I don't work, I am awful about checking my I said I will keep a closer eye on it now I know it's used by more then one or two BOINC projects that send out automated messages when you have had an issue with the path to your Java install, or something like that.

I guess I better set up a better profile and put in my forum picture if I am going to be spending any time on the forums. I am very excited to be involved in this project - I live within 60 KMs of two nuclear power stations and I am curious about the conditions here in Toronto, not to mention the chance to help on another science project.

Looking forward to getting all set up and going on this. Hope you are planning on making this a long term study, I think this project has a lot of relavence in the world we live in today. My father was a nuclear engineer building plants all over the world when I was a teenager. At one point I lived within 3 to 5 KMs of the cores of multiple power stations for a year, that always made me nervous.

Thank you for the info ChertseyAl, and thanks for the e-mail Krzysztof, I sent you a brief reply.

Thanks again,

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Posted 2385 days ago by Stone
Hi, I am new to the project and would like to pick up a detector. I just have a couple of questioins.

Do you ship to Canada? If you do, do you accept payment from Paypal? I can work around the The Paypal issue if you do not accept payment from them.

I would like to get in on this order and get a detector. I sent you a PM a few days ago about this.

Thanks in advance,


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