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Posted 1979 days ago by Nuadormrac
Might not be best idea, last batch was 27 euros? Though that wasn't a black box kit... When they have a design, supplier, and all, they'll know what the cost to them will be.

tbh, everyone there has their hands full, not only with their own lives, but the geo-political situation. Putin has Poland very nervous now, due to the events in the Crimea, and also a past incursion into Georgia. Needless to say, though this isn't really a news site, they're looking to advance their plans of installing a missile shield, having moved plans ahead for settling on a supplier to build it for them. They could probably tell you more, and largely from experience, if they cared. If I was living there, I'd have a lot on my mind as well, which would leave me feeling a bit uncertain, tbh, for myself.

In any case, it has tended to be awhile between batches, and a new reference design could leave it a bit different, especially if they're able to go back to white tube v3 detectors in the next batch. It does mean not knowing when one will be able to get a detector, but it's advisable to keep an eye on this project periodically to see if the ordering has opened up ;)
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Posted 1982 days ago by Nuadormrac
Thanks, though exactly what would you propose?
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Posted 1984 days ago by Nuadormrac
Hmm, that will be interesting, as I don't have a soldering gun where I live, in apartment now, and all that, far from the living arrangements I was in, in years past.

I could probably buy one as long as it isn't too expensive, just need to find a way to do it, where things won't prove too messy wrt a move out inspection down the road. Perhaps if I move the microwave off the kitchen counter, to make some room there... Unless it's possible to use clamps/clips in some of the places one would otherwise solder, in which case I could do it at my desk. Just wouldn't want to end up melting mettle onto the thing. It's a rather expensive wooden desk. Also don't have any garage or basement space where I live anymore...
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Posted 1993 days ago by Nuadormrac
I worry that not so soon as everybody expect due to PCB production timetable (it will be sent to me not earlier than 17th of March).
Probably deliveries of the PCB and enclosures will synchronize or even enclosures will arrive earlier...

But here we have:
>>> Bill of materials <<<

It's OK with me, if things get delayed a bit... There's plenty going on in your part of the world right now, and for that lets just say that I follow the news. I'm aware of what's transpiring in the Ukraine right about now, and as that's right on your? (Poland's) border, and not knowing exactly where your supplies come from, can understand if this might have a bit of an effect on the shipping over there...

One thing that will be very helpful of course, once the kit arrives, and something that many kits do come with, is an included set of directions that walks people through the assembly, while also providing parts needed, etc.

This way, as long as people can follow a step by step set of directions, they will be able to assemble it, and all...
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Posted 1993 days ago by Nuadormrac
Unfortunately for you, the current batch of 100 has already been pre-ordered, and paid for in advance, by other individuals who have also waited for a chance to buy a detector. This leaves two options:

- Wait for them to have another batch, and monitor the forums here regularly. When it comes close to the time that a new batch of detectors will be released, notice is made, and pre-orders are opened up.

- There is a thread in another forum here, for getting a pre-purchased detector to work with the project. This is however a lot more expensive then the detectors that are developed here...
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Posted 2006 days ago by Nuadormrac
What a nice way to go out don't you think?. Damage a multi-million (billion?) dollar facility and trick another energy company to buy you out.

Sadly, that's all too common in the markets. It wasn't that many years ago that Bank of America got caught with it's pants down, mind you after they (and other banks) received a bail out. You see, with the corporate merger that took place with Countrywide Financial, they picked up Countrywide's bad mortgages that had fallen into default.

So BofA's answer was to package up those bum mortgages, and sell them off like commodities, knowing full well that they were a loss for which they'd never collect the debt due. They sold several of those bum mortgages back onto the tax payer, aka selling them off to the US Treasury Dept, and sold other bad/defaulted mortgages off to AIG who took them to court and sued them on that account. In any case, the tax payers who were obliged to bail them out, got a lump of coal in return...

Little surprises me anymore, especially in the world of politics and finance (especially when the 2, come together)...

And I am still waiting for solar to become the norm in our state. I think I wont see that in my lifetime, and I am 35.

Solar has it's uses, though and all said I don't necessarily see it fully replacing other forms of electric production, perhaps with the exception of the Sahara desert, and places like Arizona... Aside from night, where electric usage can also be higher for many residential communities, as people are home late at night, cloudy days also pose a limit. No sun, no light to collect. Seasons can also effect this, as winter has shorter days then summer...

Usually one wants a mix of energy sources, where wind and solar can somewhat play against each other's limitations (cloudy days can also tend to be windy, if one's dealing with storm clouds blocking the sun. On the other hand, clear, non-stormy days, would tend to have more sun).

Things like nuclear can be a constant generation, where weather for instance isn't effecting the energy output. This leaves solar as more of an additional source. Some areas, like New Jersey are also getting a bit creative, putting solar panels on utility polls around the state, allowing the power generation to proceed along all the power lines which also carry the electricity about. But even still, and even with these additions, there's also a look for plants that can provide a steady supply of energy to the system, while these can add some additional power to the grid...

What a joke these power utility companies are. Can't believe that laws in our state allow them to do that.

It's all around. These utility companies are legal monopolies, who's monopoly control is sanctioned by government. If one isn't happy with their electric utility, the only way to change it, is to move. This also allows companies to do what PSE&G pulled here in New Jersey.

Basically, they didn't bother to trim the trees from the power lines, and also by NJ state law, no other tree, logging, or landscaping service is permitted to trim near the power lines. So when Sandy hit, well of course the power went out. So PSE&G petitioned the public utilities commission to raise all our electric rates, largely because they neglected the clearing of tree branches before the storm. This, not withstanding that NJ's electric rates at 18 cents per KW/hr is higher then almost any state in the country to begin with (HI being the most notable exception, as they were about 24 cents per KW/hr.

Not surprisingly though, the state also used the same hurricane as an excuse to raise the tolls on the road, claiming lost revenue due to the hurricane (fewer travelers were using the roads during the hurricane) as an excuse to recoup "lost revenue" by raising tolls...
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Posted 2010 days ago by Nuadormrac
Thank you all for your input and commentary. However you all make my point perfectly - this project is being run in an amateurish pat time way. Compare this project to any number of other ones in which you may be participating - SETI, Rosetta, Folding, Einstein, etc. - they are all run professionally, without major delays and little or no excuses or litanies of explanations as to why things just aren't or can't be happening. Adios to a project that could have been a good one but was ill-prepared to start when it did. Peace.

And of course, those projects, aside from in many cases being funded by, and in large measure facilitated by university departments, like UC Berkley, Stanford, or by companies themselves; do not require one to have specialized hardware. Naturally one would have to purchase or assemble a computer to load BOINC onto, and run, which would be the user's responsibility.

But by all means, go to even a corporate entity, and PRE-ORDER something that hasn't even been released yet, and see exactly how fast it will come, when it's still in development. This could be from as of yet unreleased hardware, to operating systems (hello, Windows 95 anyone?), computer games, and other pieces of software. Gee, all those people who pre-ordered WoW: Burning Crusade didn't make this much of a fuss, when Blizzard didn't get it out in October or November 2006, and they had to wait until January 20, 2007, because the release date slipped. And that was actually a delay, this is not, as we're still within the time frame originally communicated for shipments.

Here's an idea though, if the prospect of waiting for an order to be shipped out bothers you, then perhaps it's best to not pre-order stuff? Or if you were to go on Dell's site for instance, and they gave you an estimated ship date that was a month down the road due to back orders, would you begin calling to and begin complaining with their own support representatives that your order hasn't shipped, even though an estimated ship by date was provided on their site/page which was used to place the order? Oh well, and aidios, if that's your choice...
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Posted 2016 days ago by Nuadormrac
Hey boss, time to ship those sensors we all paid for, no? This is all for your benefit - get some help and get 'em to the post office already. You're not real great with updates and communication - needs to be a bit more professional. Thanks.

Ahem, he did communicate... What I remember was we were looking at around a March time frame. He was ordering components which were coming in (also communicated), and the time it would take to ship those from the respective manufacturers would also be somewhat out of his control.

Finally, he needs time to build, and then test to make sure everything is OK... Surely you don't think that hardware, or software development takes just a day, right? I'm sure the person assembling them also has a day job....
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Posted 2038 days ago by Nuadormrac
Given we might not have provided address info, in the paypal we paid with, will you be asking for addresses when it's ready to ship? Naturally, we wouldn't want to go posting our street addresses online, especially as the forum posts are Google searchable.

All we'd need is for some advertising firm, (you know, like all those pesky spammers, or the snail mail equivalents) to do a little web crawling through Google or the like, to come up with a list of addresses, to add to their junk mail files. The post office delivers enough junk mail, just with all the shopper newspapers and the like they litter everyone's mailbox with, in town here :o
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Posted 2048 days ago by Nuadormrac
hehe, there's actually another source of radiation there in New Mexico...

Used to attend classes at UNM, in Albuquerque, NM. Many of my professors, also worked at Sandia, as well as teachers... The actual site in question, was actually the original site for the Manhattan project, located on a nearby AF base... Nuclear research is one, albeit definitely not the only research they're involved with there. Also a reason one can't even interview for a job there without securing a national security clearance, first...

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