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1) Message boards : News : The future of the project - detectors, and a "new" project administrator (Message 4018)
Posted 861 days ago by olsen_gg
Hello, since weeks the map is completely blind.

I would like to ask for an alternate procedure to add a new location to a sensor on the map. Is it possible to put in GPS coordinates somewhere?

2) Message boards : News : New detectors... (Message 3871)
Posted 1542 days ago by olsen_gg
one year is gone and if there is still a possibility to order, so I would like to have one new sensor.
3) Message boards : Science : Sensor 16567 - measured values at 29.01. and 1/3/2016 (Message 3428)
Posted 2973 days ago by olsen_gg

I would ask you to ignore the measured values at 29/1/2016 and 1/3/2016 for this sensor / Host 16576.

This is an erroneous measurement caused by contrast medium for scintigraphy.
We wanted to see if there is any reaction and tested around one minute only.
Measured values has been between 1 to 30 ┬ÁSv are not related to normal background radiation !!!

Please also compare to my 2nd sensor : Host No.12401
Host/sensor 12401 shows a little higher radiation only.
It was around 3 to 4m away from radiation source (my wife :-))
4) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 1745)
Posted 3980 days ago by olsen_gg
Hello to You,

I just passed the last conversion here in the forum and I'm afraid to ask my question:

Is there still a possibility to order new sensors?
I'm a little bit confused and don't know, what will happen if I send f.e. the amount for one sensor and shipping to Your account...

Are You still porducing or planning a new batch of sensor?
I know, that there is more demand for sensors...

BTW: Its an great idea! Hold on!

Best regards, olsen_gg (Team:Planet3DNow!)

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