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1) Message boards : Science : Rise of radiation in Czech Republic - 0,9uSv! (Message 2137)
Posted 3823 days ago by lukaszkarolewski
Hello, I've noticed that one of Czech sensors had measured constant rise of radiation, about 0,9uSv/h, the sensor is marked as "red". It's about 30 km from Temelin-2 reactor. Another sensors measures only "normal" background between 0,15 and 0,20 uSv/h (in Czech Republic is higher than in Poland). I thought that the owner of a sensor just experimented with some sources and forgot to turn the counter in "test" mode - but for a weeks? Any suggestions?

Screens are on my blog here:
2) Message boards : Science : Strange spike noticed on 2 stations (Message 2136)
Posted 3823 days ago by lukaszkarolewski
I had the same in Warsaw, capital of Poland (Europe), firstly it was in a district Ursynow (c.a. 12 km away), then in Wola, and finally on another bank of Vistula River, the measurements was similar to those shown.

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