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Posted 3571 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes>Jip] Elgrande71
Thank you for your quick response .
Is there a way for the future to simplify the procedure for having a working detector ?
To be more precise , Is it possible to provide all the electronic components for building the Radioactive detector ( We have some problems to find some I2C 5V and some other components ) .
We will have just to solder them at home .
The price will have to be adjusted accordingly .

For Openstreetmap, we will wait .
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Posted 3574 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes>Jip] Elgrande71
I am elgrande71 an administrator of L'Alliance Francophone .

We had a booth at the RMLL 2014 Montpellier ( 5th-6th July #60 ) .
I presented your project to visitors .

They were enthiousiasts but there could have several improvements possible to develop it :

- support of other detectors ( even commercials or trying to freeing it ( obtaining source code for adapting to the Radioactive@Home project ))
- using Openstreetmap ( ) for the world map instead of Google Maps

What are you thinking about this ideas ?
Is there any others ?
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Posted 3654 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes>Jip] Elgrande71
I received my kit a few days ago but I have several questions related to Radioactive@Home Kit BOM .
For C1,C4,C5,C6,C7,C14 and C16 capacitor of 100 nF capacity , is it possible to replace them by MKT type one instead of monolithic ?
Is it possible too to put ceramic monolithic ones ?
Which voltage is needed ?
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Posted 3717 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes>Jip] Elgrande71
Are the software and the firmware distributed under the AFPL license ?
Is that right ?

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