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1) Message boards : News : New informations about delay / order status etc. (Message 1690)
Posted 2263 days ago by Wettermann
The Wettermann has finally got the sensors !

Thanks a lot for your work and I´m sorry,that it happened that way.

Greetingsfrom northern Germany to Poland !

says Tommy the Wettermann from team Wetterboard
2) Message boards : News : About our HUGE delay... (Message 1501)
Posted 2391 days ago by Wettermann
Hi !

When I´m back from my work in a couple of days,I will spend 50 € for the project ! That shall be my way to say,you are doing a absolutly great job !!!

says Tommy the Wetterman

Greetings from northern germany,aktually sitting in a snowstorm and working night and day !

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