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Posted 3712 days ago by cosmicboss
Oh great! I was looking around hoping to find something on this topic as I wanted some info to get updated.

Crystal River-3 in Florida, USA is down and about to start its decommissioning process. It is now owned by Duke Energy who bought Progress Energy who before that botched a repair job at the plant and FUBAR it. Decommissioning will take about 20 years. So there it is. That is what I wanted to get someone to update.

What a nice way to go out don't you think?. Damage a multi-million (billion?) dollar facility and trick another energy company to buy you out. Duke energy already said that they were not going to replace it with a new Nuclear power plant. Floridians are stuck with the bill for both decommissioning and paying for a new natural gas powered plant to replace the power lost in our electric system while Duke energy continues to collect money that was intended to build a future new Nuclear power plant which they have also said that they will not build either.

And I am still waiting for solar to become the norm in our state. I think I wont see that in my lifetime, and I am 35.

What a joke these power utility companies are. Can't believe that laws in our state allow them to do that.
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Posted 3713 days ago by cosmicboss
Hi everyone,

New to the project here. Dont have a sensor but hope to get one in the future.

To whom should I address information regarding a particular reactor I live close(50-60 mi) to ? The info listed in the project is outdated, and should be updated.


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