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Posted 1952 days ago by Dave58
Another idea would be to develop an Arduino app that would allow the detector to be running 24/7 with minimal power consumption. It would also allow users to learn about how to use an Arduino and they might come up with ideas to use them in other projects.
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Posted 1954 days ago by Dave58
Commercially available versions of a radiation detector that can attach to a USB port cost around $150-$250 or more.
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Posted 1955 days ago by Dave58
I searched around on the Internet for something similar to what we are building here and I found pre-assembled detectors with USB for about $150-$250 or more.
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Posted 1955 days ago by Dave58
I've seen some complaints about the amount of time and the 'professionalism' of this project. I want people to understand that this sensor is not an off the shelf item that can be commonly found on the Internet. Building a radiation detector and marrying it to a computer interface for a worldwide monitoring network is very new.

The comparison of this project and the QCN (Quake Capture Network) is not a good comparison. Seismic sensors or accelerometers are a more advanced technology in the marketplace and do not require the more complicated hardware of a radiation sensor.

A radiation sensor requires a Geiger-Mueller tube and a high voltage power supply needed to operate it. There is also a pulse detection circuit and additional electronics needed to interface it to a computer. This is a much more complicated project and is still mostly experimental. There will probably be some modifications and updates to refine the design to make it easier to build and more reliable and accurate.

The seismic sensor of the QCN project is already a fairly mature technology and is only about the size of a small Post-It note pad with a cable connected to it. Some of those sensors are given out free because they are subsidized. This project is probably done under different financial circumstances and is done from a country that has a more restricted access to the needed parts.

The data obtained from this network will likely be mostly background radiation levels and will detect a rare radiation incident and its spread. That doesn't happen very often, but it can be catastrophic when it does happen as seen with the incident in Japan. The seismic network will detect more frequent occurrences of earthquakes, but a worldwide system to detect radiation fallout is needed too.
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Posted 1955 days ago by Dave58
I want to post a warning to members. There are some spam messages going around where people are claiming that a charge or a change has been made to your Paypal account or other type of online account, and they are trying to trick you into thinking that some suspicious activity has occurred on your account. Do not give them any of your personal information. Login directly to your account. Do not use any links in the spam message.

Check your account directly to verify if there has been any suspicious activity.

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