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Posted 1045 days ago by scole of TSBT
The project Administrators need to shit or get off the pot and hand over the project to people who actually want to do something with it. Anyone who see this who would like to join me in taking this project over, contact me. I have already contacted Krzysztof 'krzyszp' Piszczek, and the former project manager, but all efforts were to the wind, as expected, no response. They have abandoned the project. my belief is that they should at least hand off the project to a group of people who want to see the project succeed, why just abandon a project and let no one else enjoy it because they don't "feel" like doing it anymore...

First, krzyszp has been ill and was hospitalized late last year and I imagine he is working to get his life on course again.

Second, there has always been a high demand for sensors for this project. It takes a great deal of time to have a batch built, tested and distributed. I was patient, paid attention to the project and was able to buy a few for myself and other friends when the last batch was build in 2019. Be patient or build your own. There are instructions and plans available somewhere.

Finally, the project admins are volunteers also and real life priorities to deal with above these projects. If you think you can do better, start your own project.
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Posted 1538 days ago by scole of TSBT
I would be happy to handle bulk shipments to the USA in order to take advantage of cheaper shipping costs from Poland, then ship cheap or Flat Rate Priority here from USA. Once here, I can ship flat rate 2 day priority for $8 anywhere in USA.
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Posted 1600 days ago by scole of TSBT
If more people became Patrons I'm sure Krzysztof could spend more time on this. And that is not a random guess.
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Posted 1610 days ago by scole of TSBT
Yes it seems only some people get a reply(and a detector). I PM'd many weeks ago and i'm still awaiting a reply. While others are now getting there's? Whats the secret words one must speak?

I think he is very busy and putting as much time as he can into this. He is an admin on multiple projects and he has a day job too. He said all orders would be filled and I'm sure he will PM everyone when their number in queue comes up.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Running the sensor on linux (Message 3832)
Posted 1614 days ago by scole of TSBT
This is what I used to run it on a raspberry pi, borrowed from instructions to run ASICs on BU. It works for any USB device...

By default the user 'boinc' is not allowed to access the USB devices. To do so we need to change the udev rules (or better add one)

As root (sudo....) create a file in the directory /etc/udev/rules.d/ the filename is 50-group.rules, with the following content...

# /etc/udev/rules.d/50-group.rules
SUBSYSTEM!="usb", GOTO="skip_rule"
ACTION=="add", GROUP="plugdev"

This will add a rule that whenever a usb device is added the group for the device-file is set to 'plugdev'. This group already exists on the RPi and the user 'pi' is already a member of that group.

To activate the rule the 'udev' service needs to be restarted...
sudo service udev restart

Now unplug the usb devices, wait a little bit and replug them in.

Now we need to add the user 'boinc' to the group 'plugdev'...
sudo usermod -a -G plugdev boinc

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Posted 1780 days ago by scole of TSBT
Do what you think is best. I'm still in for 5 either way.
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Posted 1797 days ago by scole of TSBT
The detector is 23cm x 5cm x5cm and it weight is less then 100gr. Package will be of course bigger as device must be secured but weight not change very much.

All details (including shipping cost) I will provide when I get a quotes from manufacturers and I confirm when all of them come to me...

Sounds good. I'll commit to 5.
18) Message boards : News : New detectors... (Message 3736)
Posted 1797 days ago by scole of TSBT
I responded to the survey/poll that I was interested. I'll take as many as 5 depending on what the shipping costs are. Any idea the of package weight, dimensions of package, shipping company and city shipping from so we can estimate the shipping costs?
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Posted 1798 days ago by scole of TSBT
Are there any special requirements for setting up the detectors/calibrating that require other materials we need to purchase? Are there any potential issues shipping to US because of components?
20) Message boards : News : The future of the project - detectors, and a "new" project administrator (Message 3723)
Posted 1799 days ago by scole of TSBT
Will the units be built and shipped from EU or US?

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