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Posted 270 days ago by Ian&Steve C.
right now I think the GMC-300S causes the least trouble, unless you can get your hands on a much older GMC-300 model (not "E") which should work without any issues.

but if we can ever get our hands on the proper source code for this device, then I think pretty much all of them could be made to work without issues.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : GMC-300 source code (Message 4088)
Posted 271 days ago by Ian&Steve C.
absolutely. hopefully someone can upload the linux code for GMC300.

currenly using the windows code works with wine on Linux, and the results from a GMC-300S are not so bad, but will be better if we can get the code to make the necessary modifications.

I think you'll see many more users from the US and around the world if the GMC300 units can be used without issues (the current GMC-300E+V4 units provide bad results due to a combination of device firmware anomalies, the mfg unwilling to fix firmware, and bad coding in the application). if we can get the source code, we can both fix the application issues, but also provide apps for linux and raspberri pi. a detector like this with no real computation being done is perfect for a low power device like a Pi.

i think removing the <GETVER>> command will probably solve all the problems.

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