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Descriptionhappy birthday queen b images The subject of burnout is increasingly discussed in the media. Stressful working conditions are often blamed. From your experience: Is the Burnout issue something that is more or less "new" because it was not so often, or is the media interest more powerful? Stefanie: There has always been an overload of people. Previously, about 100 years ago, there were similar diagnoses but different names for the disease picture. The focus at that time was more on a physical definition than on a mental one.

happy birthday queen b images As we all know, the fact of being in psychotherapeutic treatment has long been a taboo subject. Even today, e.g. Managers or athletes in the situation that their public admission to a burnout syndrome is diseased does not match with the expectations of the economy, company or the association. However, figures and statistics show that the burnout diseases have increased massively.

happy birthday queen b images The living conditions and the perception of each individual are different nowadays. The factor of time, the increasing demands and expectations together with the technical progress and an absolute fast-pacedness favor this topic. The Internet allows an easy exchange as well as a fast spread and suddenly burnout is on everyone's lips, increases steadily and is always present.

Tim: You are intensively dealing with clients who are struggling with this disease. What would you consider the most common causes of a burnout?

happy birthday queen b images Stefanie: This question can not be answered on a general basis. A burnout disorder is very individual and has many causes and reasons. The professional and private environment must be considered. happy birthday images for her Just as the present and the past of the person concerned. In addition, the education must be involved and the corresponding behavioral patterns as well as beliefs.

A large workload and excessive stress can be a risk of burnout. The whole thing would be favored, among other things. by the following factors:

Lack of recognition Goals or targets not achievable

Time pressure coupled with great responsibility Low influence

Working hours, shift work, overtime Bad operating climate

Care for the workplace

Furthermore, the personality plays a large role - high demands on oneself, perfectionism, harmony, the difficulty of saying "no", etc. If an inner impulse is not present, it is difficult to protect against the outside. happy birthday queen b images.
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