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I'm 50 years old, I served 2 tours of Duty. For the United States Navy. As an Aviation Electronics Technician, Ships Company, in A.I.M.D.
I trained at Miramar Naval Air Station. In California; 8 weeks of vacuum tube theory. (You can learn it in a day) In case of a new strategy the U.S.S.R adopted.
Intelligence learned E.M.P. strategy, Tacan, Radalt PRC-90, IFF, And everything in a cockpit of every Aircraft being tested with the F-18 for versatility.
The Admiral of the Sixth Fleet's Helicopter was outfitted with all analog Avionics, just to relay launch codes stay airborne ,and then be incinerated It was estimated we had a 5-9

second window to twist keys, authenticate, transmit. All by Flash memory, and armed Marines, It could be all completed with flash memory within 2 seconds.
All in case of the Atmospheric Nuclear Blast of 15 war heads @ 2750,000 ft, @ 25 Megatons a full spread, above the Mediterranean Sea.It was a new Strategy after President

Reagan, initiated the 600 fleet NAVY. And Star Wars Defense Initiative. To take out any or all, low or GEO synch Satellite's especially the KH's. Times were tense
Since I scored in the top 1% of all AT's in the Navy, I was hand picked by the powers to be in the Pentagon and received orders for Ships Company. I maintained the shortest time ever

learning the all the theory and Labs completing the courses in 1/3 of time allotted and perfect lab scores in Millington Tennessee. I made E-4 the first test and once again the highest in the

Navy as far as score.3.9 evaluations.
I also under went Shipboard and Structural Fire Fighting. Special Chemical and Nuclear survival Tactics. Also trained as Damage Control Technician as collateral duties. Phase one of 15

candidates to go to this extreme schooling and very Secret due to the F-18 replacing the F-14 for the fleet. After 2 weeks Their was only 4 of us left. For each hemisphere.
We were being out fitted for the new FA/18 Hornet with an experimental "Shake and Bake Cruise" The Admiral told me, We were 1/2 Navy and 1/2 Marines Flight crews and

Squadron's, Along with Tech Reps from The Contractors and Engineers responsible for the Combat "READINESS" test. It was the first deployment of This aircraft.
During the Ship Wreck of May 85' we rammed an Ecuadorian Tanker during shift change and under full flight operations South of Jamaica we rammed the Tanker NAPO from Ecuador

under full flight operations it was dusk to dark thirty. I was in the Head shaving with no collision warning suddenly I heard ungodly noises that I was not trained for I ran up 1 deck where 1,000, 500 Lb. bombs were stacked on pallets they were breaking the straps and I had to run across the deck with the bombs rolling around like marbles, I made to the hanger bay to the starboard elevator witch was in the up position, I looked forward and saw the tanker's stern rip down the starboard side of the ship and witnessed Approx. 15 Salt water activated life boats holding approx. 120 men destroyed. The JP-5 tanks were Pouring fuel like water falls I saw the fuel in the water also I saw the bow of the ship from my view gone.! The stern passed by me and I could reach out and touch it suddenly I was covered in a red substance it was wine and Hydraulic fluid, I thought I was dead at that point. from thinking the red substance was my blood, We were dead in the water, then they sounded GQ, and a collision alarm.. Then a man overboard muster of all personnel. I went and dried off put on a T shirt and reported , across the 1MC orders were "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF", " Abandon Ship" I called the commander in damage Control on the air phone and relayed a damage report that I witnessed, He said Clark? This is true what you witnessed I replied "yes Sir", We are sinking! on fire! and the tanker is purging crude or fuel oil! and the Ship has a water Fall of JP-5 pouring from the Tanks and the evaps are damaged, tacan, radar, and
radio Mast gone, I then told him we are in a Titanic situation with the life boats destroyed. Their will be Kaos when everyone musters to their station and they are not there, He said thank you, I have to call the captain, now,The O.O.D. Passed out on the bridge, The Captain has just arrived, Commander out. The Captain on the 1MC said Belay those orders, Launch the rescue Helo 1. I want a muster report ASAP! It is documented on the internet for further information.
I then worked for Lockheed Space operations company on return to flight after 51 L . I traveled back and forth to Africa and Spain and installed flight Communications with Inmarsat Communications and after flight 104 went down over Lockerbie, we were assigned to that flight due to a scrub. We came home early for Christmas and a college group were given our seats. I quit after flying MAC aircraft after a close call I then went to work at the News facility Documenting The Television and Audio for Shuttle launch operations.
My father was a Shuttle Test Manager and turned down Nasa test Director several times. he also worked closely with VanBraun on Apollo and Prior missions leading to Neil and then the moon, During the Gulf war I played dual roles for the Government, Nasa, and the State Department.
The End Robert E. Clark Jr.
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I have yet to experience this, since the Shuttle fleet has been retired, I have been considering my options. so I thought I would give this a try so I feel like I am contributing to what I had the opportunity to see and touch the very instruments in orbit, Being used for these projects, and some Scientist I know. For proof Please Contact George Diller@ Kennedy space center Public Affairs office who I Transmitted out to Cosmos from my consoles His countdown and Lisa Malone. I saw the Hubble and it was huge but small at the same time, And all the other Missions I worked on and did my part to put inorbit to gather this DATA. Thank You.
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