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New detectors...
After long time I will like to order from professional company a set of around 100-150 detectors...
What you think about it?

(I know, map doesn't work as Google change its policy, we will move to OSM in January...)

New detectors cost will be around 30-33 Euros as we not assemble it manually ourselves but order it from selected company...

Edit: My Patrone profile (where Poll is):
31 Dec 2018 | 0:42:18 UTC · Comment

Server issue
Currently we have some problems with server virtualisation.
The server will be reinstalled probably this night again.
14 Feb 2016 | 14:26:23 UTC · Comment

The future of the project - detectors, and a "new" project administrator
Due to difficult family situation I have very limited time for an any activity associated to the project.

Project is now managed by BOINC Polska Foundation and I'm only a consultant here.
Please in all matters related to the project contact with "Krzysztof Piszczek - wspieram Polski Projekt Boinc" (User ID = 2).

Michał 'Szopler' Szoplik
7 Oct 2015 | 18:05:36 UTC · Comment

Detector V2.60 (KIT) Firmware Upgrade!
There is a bug in Firmware 1.0 that causes error in pulse counting. The higher is dose rate the greater is an error.
Bug was caused by blocking delay that was used in 'beep' procedure.

If you have "Radioactive@Home --- 2.60 ---" detector you can upgrade firmware by RS232 connection but if you don't know how to do it - don't do it!

Here is an upgrade pack:
Firmware Upgrade Pack

Good luck!
12 Jan 2015 | 20:24:42 UTC · Comment

Third batch of KIT [Detector V2.61]
100% SOLD

Number of kits in this batch: 102 pcs.

KIT definition:
- partially mounted PCB (high voltage generating section + testing ; without LCD, buzzer and pulse forming section)
- Geiger tube
- Enclosure
- Programmed µP

Shipment planned within 6 weeks after collecting all orders.
HERE <-- is a list of orders/payments.

Cost (with shipping):
for 1..3 : 25.00 Euro
for 4..6 : 24.50 Euro
for 7..9 : 24.00 Euro
for 10+ : 23.75 Euro
(When you will pay for 20 sets it results in that one is for free!)
21 Aug 2014 | 14:03:54 UTC · Comment

Project server changed
In last few hours we moved Radioactive@Home server to another dedicated machine.
Everything should go back to life in next few hours...
30 Jul 2014 | 22:48:48 UTC · Comment

Second batch of KIT [Detector V2.60] - 100% SOLD!
This batch of kits: 100 pcs.
Cost for one KIT: 20 Euro's with shipping.

KIT definition:
- Geiger tube
- Enclosure
- Programmed µP
- Transformer for high voltage generating

Shipping planned at June 2014
HERE <-- will be a list of orders and payments.

100% SOLD
24 Apr 2014 | 14:57:59 UTC · Comment

Firmware sources
We have updated firmware source files and detector diagrams to newest version.
ZIP archive is available under this link.

All sources are available under GPL v3 licence.
25 Feb 2014 | 22:02:01 UTC · Comment

New sensor (KIT) batch - SOLD OUT!
Due to delay in production of V3 (white tube) sensors, we are going to resume distribution of redesigned V2 sensors (black box).
This sensor will be available only as a KIT*.

28 Nov 2013 | 0:05:27 UTC · Comment

Experimental app for GQ Electronics GMC-300 sensor
Thanks to miki_e who set up a PC with GMC-300 for remote access, we now have a (partial) support for GQ Electronics GMC-300 sensor.

The app is not finished yet but the basic functionality seems to be working, it reads the data and returns it to the server just like our USB app.

For now the app works only as anonymous platform with app_info.xml, so it requires some BOINC knowledge to set up.

If you have a GMC-300 and would like to test it with Radioactive@Home, take a look at this thread
27 Jun 2013 | 13:47:05 UTC · Comment

Delayed detectors will be sent in a few days! [29.05.2013]
Please hang on with new orders until we will announce that we are ready for the next batch. Thank you!

I've just receive parcel from Ryszard with the last 66 detectors.
I will send it to you as soon as possible. First parcels go out at Friday (tomorrow is a holiday in Poland), next probably at Saturday. The rest should go in the first week of June.

One more time we want to apologize for that huge delay.
Thank you for your patience.

Detectors send to countries (no. of parcels / no. of detectors):
- Austra (2 / 2)
- Czech Republic (3 / 6)
- France (3 / 4)
- Russia (2 / 2)
- Spain (2 / 2)
- Italy (2 / 2)
- Norway (1 / 1)
- Slovenia (1 / 1)
- Hungary (1 / 1)
- Japan (1 / 1)
- China (1 / 1)
- South Korea (1 / 10)
- Great Britain (2 / 2)
- Canada (2 / 2)
- USA (5 / 5)
- Poland (15 / 17)

All detectors were sent. There will be more in the mid of July or later...
29 May 2013 | 15:56:41 UTC · Comment

Don't send money please!
I just discover that somebody run script which ask previously registered persons to send money for detectors. This is done probably by one of "script-kiddies" crawler - not by us. Please, don't send money via PayPal or Bank Transfers!

Everybody who send money in recent days will get it back today!
Your money are safe...

Ps. Sorry for no answering for you messages sent to me, I will answer to everybody soon.
23 May 2013 | 19:20:39 UTC · Comment

New informations about delay / order status etc.
More informations with photos below in this thread. 25 Feb 2013 | 10:47:44 UTC · Comment

About our HUGE delay...
On behalf of Ryszard Korczyk [ryszard.korczyk]:

First of all I would like to apologise to everyone for such a massive delay.

When we started collecting money for 3rd batch of detectors we decided, a little too enthusiastically, to release a new revision of the detector. We've had mastered the manufacturing process for ver.2. Version 3 had been released in a small prototypical batch. Version 3 also appealed to many people visually, and this fact weighed heavily on our decision. Nobody however realised how long would it take to prepare a longer production run. There also were a couple of issues that were discovered in beta version, that also needed to be taken care of.

Another cause for the delay was our attempt to reduce manufacturing costs. We do all the production on our own and some processes, especially preparation of transformers and chassis takes quite a lot of time. The chassis looks interesting, but it requires processing on a CNC machine. Caps require reaming and the openings need to be drilled through. Lastly, the labeling sticker needs to be applied and a hole for LCD display needs to be cut out. The printed circuit boards are also manufactured by us. Reputable manufacturing workshops demanded prohibitively high prices for production of such relatively small batch, with profitability threshold at 1000+ boards. Smaller and cheaper workshops on the other hand had high defect rates. PCBs manufactured by them had short circuits, rotated elements and overheated laminates. We decided therefore to manufacture PCBs by ourselves using a template for application of soldering paste and an oven for actual soldering. This too proved to be difficult at first. Too much paste on microcontroller's pins caused short-circuits. In effect I've had to remove the processor from each PCB, clean it, and solder it again (here's another delay). Before installing the PCB in chassis, it's edges need grinding, so that it fits in the pipe.

In other words, a couple of unplanned issues summed up into a bigger delay. On top of that, I planned to work on detectors after my day job. I assumed I'd have to work 8 hours a day, but my employee pressed me hard, and I often had to devote more than 10 hours a day to my job. There were days where I would start at 7 a.m. and finish at 2 a.m. the following day. During such periods there was no chance to do anything with detectors, sometimes even for a week or so.

How I am going to amend the situation: I am in no way backing away from the project. I commited to it, and I'm going to finish what I started. Trust me, there is still quite a lot of work with these detectors. Things at work start coming back to normal, and I can now expect to have a couple of hours each day to work on them. I'm planning to take a couple of days off too. I also started to organise a team of people who will help me to press forward. I also need to evaluate if I can utilise Szopler's and kotfryc's eagerness to help. Just today I have prepared a software update which enables displaying on the LCD converter's voltage, USB voltage and USB communication status. That should help in debugging if any users report problems. It's enough to hold down the button during powering up, and debug data will be displayed instead of 'Radioactive@home'. This update also delayed the deliveries as I didn't want to ship detectors without any means of diagnosing them.


Approximately 45 detectors are completed, 40 PCB's are ready without transformers and waiting to be tested. Another 50 PCBs with RC elements and 50 empty PCBs. We are also expecting a shipment of another 100 PCBs from the manufacturer. I have a dozen or so transformers ready for installation. Next Sunday I plan on manufacturing a number of those, as I managed to optimise this process recently. I declare to make 10 daily, but I want to do as much as 20 if possible. However, there might be days when I'm travelling due to my daytime job (Dec 6th and 7th). Next Saturday I plan to devote entirely to detectors' production. Having two other people to help I expect to do at least 40 pcs. I am also constantly looking for ways to improve our processes.

Last, but not least, please hold your emotions. This does not work well on morale. I admit I screwed up, and I am doing whatever I can to do my part. Please take notice, that we do not profit from manufacturing detectors, we donate our time and try to make detectors as cheap as possible, so that everyone can afford them. Our detectors are much more sophisticated than QCN detectors, which consist of a cable, a chassis and a PCB with an accelerometer and a couple of elements.

From now on I am going to provide you with daily status updates.

Getting back to soldering USB cables.

Und die deutsche Übersetzung (Here's the German translation):

Erst Mal möchte ich mich bei Euch allen für die massive Verspätung entschuldigen!

Als wir mit dem Geld einsammeln für den 3. Schub angefangen haben, entschlossen wir uns ein wenig überentusiastisch eine neue Version des Detektors zu bauen. Wir hatten die Fertigung von Vers.2.0 geschafft, und besaßen eine kleine Anzahl an Vers.3.0 Prototypen. Vers.3.0 gefiel vielen Leuten optisch, und diese Tatsache wog schwer bei unserer Entscheidung. Niemand hat aber erkannt, wie lange eine längere Produktion dauern würde. Es gab auch ein paar Dinge in der Betaversion, die verbessert werden mussten.

Ein anderer Grund für die Verzögerung war unser Versuch die Produktionskosten zu senken. Wir machen alle Fertigungsschritte selber, und manche, insbesondere die Herstellung der Trafos und der Gehäuse, dauert recht lange. Das Gehäuse sieht interessant aus, aber es erfordert die Produktion in einer CNC-Maschine. Die Kappen müssen aufgerieben, und Löcher gebohrt werden. Schließlich muss ein Aufkleber drauf und das Sichtfenster ausgesägt werden. Die gedruckten Platinen sind auch von uns selber hergestellt. Gute Werkstätten verlangen prohibitiv hohe Preise für so kleine Mengen, lukrativ wird's erst ab über 1000 Stück. Und billige produzieren zu viel Ausschuss (Kurzschlüsse, verdrehte Anschlüsse, überhitztes Laminat). Wir entschlossen uns die Platinen selber zu fertigen, mit einer Schablone für die Lötvorbereitung und dem tatsächlichen Löten in einem Ofen. Das hat sich auch zunächst als schwierig herausgestellt, zu viel Lötpaste erzeugte Kurzschlüsse an den Chipbeinchen. Ich musste alle Chips wieder auslöten, reinigen und erneut einlöten, das ergab eine weitere Verzögerung. Vor dem Einbau der Platine in das Gehäuse musste es noch an den Ecken abgefeilt werden, damit es 'rein passte.

M.a.W.: Ein paar ungeplante Vorkommnisse haben sich zu einer größeren Verzögerung aufsummiert. Dazu kam noch, dass ich eigentlich die Arbeit abends nach Feierabend erledigen wollte. Ich ging von einem 8h-Tag aus, aber mein Arbeitgeber hat mit zu reichlich Überstunden genötigt, oft mehr als 10h pro Tag, ein paar Mal hab' ich gar von 7 Uhr früh bis um 2 Uhr am nächsten Morgen durchgearbeitet. Während solche Zeiten, manchmal gar für eine ganze Woche, war an die Detektorfertigung nicht zu denken.

Wie werde ich die Situation jetzt verbessern? Ich werde auf keinen Fall das Projekt aufgeben. Ich habe mich verpflichtet, und ich werde auch beenden, was ich angefangen habe. Glaubt's mir, es gibt noch eine Menge Arbeit mit den Detektoren. Die Situation auf der Arbeit normalisiert sich gerade, ich werde also täglich ein paar Stunden arbeiten können, und ich werde auch mal ein paar Tage frei nehmen. Ich habe ein paar Leute organisiert, die mir helfen die Sache voran zu bringen. Ich muss auch noch herausfinden, ob ich Szoplers und kotfrycs [Anm. d. Übers: das war der Löter des letzten Schubs für D, er wohnt in DK] Hilfsbereitschaft nutzen kann. Heute habe ich gerade ein Softwareupdate vorbereitet, das die Anzeige verschiedener Daten (Trafospannung, USB-Spannung, USB-Status) zum ggf erforderlichen Debugging bei Nutzerproblemen. Es reicht den Knopf beim Starten gedrückt zu haben, und statt "Radioctive@Home" stehen dann die Daten da. Auch das hat aufgehalten, aber ich wollte keine Teile ohne Debuggingmöglichkeit losschicken.


Ungefähr 45 Detektoren sind fertig, 40 Platinen fehlt nur noch der Trafo und warten auf den Test. Weitere 50 Platinen haben schon die Teile aufgelötet, und 50 nackte Platinen habe ich auch noch. Ich erwarte eine Lieferung von weiteren 100 Platinen vom Hersteller. Ich habe ungefähr ein Dutzend Trafos fertig, nächsten Sonntag werde ich etliche weitere herstellen, ich habe den Herstellungsprozess gerade etwas optimiert. Ich verspreche 10 Stück pro Tag herzustellen, ich hoffe ich schaffe 20.Es wird andererseits aber auch Tage geben, an denen ich wegen des normalen Jobs unterwegs bin. Nächsten Samstag werde ich komplett mit der Detektorproduktion verbringen. Mit 2 Mann Hilfe hoffe cih mindesten 40 fertig zu bekommen. Ich versuche auch den Herstellungsprozess ständig zu optimieren.

Last, but not least: Bitte haltet Eure Emotionen im Zaum. Das hilft der Moral nicht weiter. Ich gebe zu, ich hab's verbockt, und ich tue was ich kann, um es zu richten. Bitte denkt dran, wir machen keinen Gewinn bei der Produktion, wir stellen unsere Zeit zur Verfügung um die Detektoren so preiswert wie möglich herzustellen, damit sie sich jedermann leisten kann. Unsere Detektoren sind weit aufwändiger gestaltet als die von QCN, die nur ein Kabel, ein Gehäuse, eine Platine, einen Beschleunigungssensor und ein paar Kleinteile haben.

Von heute an werde ich versuchen tägliche Updates des Status zu geben.

Zurück zum Löten von USB-Kabeln...
4 Dec 2012 | 22:27:10 UTC · Comment

Our detectors in Australia
14 detectors are in Australia now.
In next few days they will be visible on our map.

Those detectors are from current batch, so you can expect your detectors shortly as we start sending it.
23 Oct 2012 | 9:04:55 UTC · Comment

DNS moving
As old DNS server are not reliable we try to move them to other company.
Our server will be not available for 24-48 hours.
16 Sep 2012 | 13:20:47 UTC · Comment

World reactors on our map
We have added reactor icons (with details) to our radioactivity map.
27 Jul 2012 | 9:25:20 UTC · Comment

Orders confirmation email
I have sent emails with instructions about payment for detectors to all registered persons.
Please use it as soon as you can as this is important part to confirm quantities.

Everybody who register with web form but doesn't get email, please contact with me through PM.

23 Jul 2012 | 21:04:01 UTC · Comment

BOINC Polska Foundation
Today a new Foundation "BOINC Polska" (BOINC Poland) was born. Created by members of BOINC@Poland team, it will take care over Radioactive@Home project which should greatly improve the new detectors ordering process and also improve the issue with financing the projects needs.

In next few days I should get new account numbers. As soon as I get it we start collect orders for new detectors.
2 Jul 2012 | 13:58:50 UTC · Comment

New detectors release soon!
Within a few days are going to announce a new collection of orders for our volunteers.
As before, we will collect your order from you for about a month and then proceed to the production of sensors. New batch will be about 250 - 300 pcs.

With this collection, will launch a new model.

Despite the changes on CPU and a few other expensive changes, we managed to keep the price at the same level of 27 Euro.

Also with new release we will publish diagrams and software on our website.

Be patient and give us just few days to organise ;)
26 Jun 2012 | 15:43:55 UTC · Comment

Radioactive@Home Map on Android mobiles
I have developed simply application to view our radioactivity map on Android based mobile devices.
All information available on this thread.
29 Apr 2012 | 15:02:16 UTC · Comment

26th Anniversary of Chernobyl disaster
We want to pay tribute to all of victims and to rescuers who in that day and in subsequent days risked their lives to save Europe from the radioactive contamination. 26 Apr 2012 | 10:00:33 UTC · Comment

Preparing for next (third) batch
Today we started with the dispatch of a second series of detectors and begin to prepare for the next batch.
However, to estimate the size of the next order we need to know how many people are interested in buying.
That's why we create form through which you can register as willing to buy the sensor.

Subscribing to undertake anything, it only serves to estimate the order, but those who have registered will be informed via email about the fact of starting the collection and get will be first in queue to order it.

We don't know example price, but believe that it stay on same level (27 Euro).

Form is available under this link
3 Mar 2012 | 14:21:19 UTC · Comment

Moving to new home
As we announced early, tomorrow we would like to start moving to new server.
Form Thursday (1th March) over the next few days you may experience problems with the availability of the server.
28 Feb 2012 | 21:27:57 UTC · Comment

Server change requirments
Radioactive@Home is currently hosted on VPS server.
This server is not fast and reliable enough for expected quantity of detectors (soon more than 300) and large data expected and we need to move to dedicated server.

Unfortunately, cost of dedicated server is too high to cover it from our pockets so we would like to get some help from you by PayPal donations.

As soon as possible we would like to add donor badge for people who help us in cover project costs.

Many thanks for persons, who already donate our project and for persons who do it in future :)
25 Feb 2012 | 15:04:22 UTC · Comment

New Radioactive@Home detector prototype
As we promise few days ago new detector prototype data are published on our main web site.
All software used on new micro controller will be published soon as we finish tests.
Currently we work on adding new features based on better processor used in new prototype.
16 Feb 2012 | 15:50:06 UTC · Comment

New (alternative) detector model...
One of BOINC@Poland members (ryszard.korczyk) has created new detector, based on another micro controller than used by us.
As soon as I get all data from him (diagram, software, pictures) I will publish all information on our main web site (if I get his permission of course).
12 Feb 2012 | 20:56:25 UTC · Comment

Detectors releasing - how we doing it?
Because I get loads of PM's and emails with same question than I feel that I should explain some details.

I hope most yours questions about ordering are answered in this few points.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask on our forum. 4 Feb 2012 | 2:29:02 UTC · Comment

With regard to the ACTA (so-called Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) accepted by European Union, we feel obliged to warn you that our website may be unavailable in some countries soon.

ACTA Agreement was initiated by organizations describing themselves as "defending artists from bad pirates" and has been enforced on EU in secret negotiations initiated by US Government. Non government
organizations from all over the world agreed on condemning both the way of negotiations ware taken and allowing by this agreement cutting off websites "uncomfortable" for governments of countries that
signed ACTA, without proving infringements of any laws.

W związku z przyjęciem przez Unię Europejską porozumienia ACTA czujemy się w obowiązku powiadomić Was, że już wkrótce, w niektórych krajach nasza strona może być nieosiągalna.

Porozumienie ACTA powstało z inicjatywy organizacji określających się jako broniące artystów przed złymi piratami (czyli organizacje zarządzające prawami autorskimi) oraz zostało niejako wymuszone na Unii Europejskiej poprzez tajne negocjacje zainicjowane przez rząd USA. Zgodne są opinie organizacji pozarządowych z praktycznie całego świata piętnujące zarówno tryb negocjacji oraz dopuszczenie przez to porozumienie odcinania stron internetowych "niewygodnych" dla rządów państw sygnatariuszy bez udowodnienia złamania jakiegokolwiek prawa.

In Bezug auf das ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, das sogenannte Anti-Piraterie-Abkommen), das vom Europäischen Rat bereits verabschiedet wurde, möchten wir die Benutzer dieser Webseite davor warnen, das sie eventuell künftig in einigen Ländern nicht mehr zu sehen sein wird.

ACTA wurde von Organisationen ins Leben gerufen, die von sich selber behaupten "Künstler vor bösen Piraten beschützen" zu wollen, und wurde von der EU in Geheimverhandlungen, initiiert von den USA beschlossen. Nichtregierungsorganisationen rund um den Globus verurteilen sowohl die Vorgehensweise bei den Verhandlungen, als auch die von diesem Abkommen ermöglichte Sperrung von den jeweiligen Regierungen missliebigen Seiten, sofern diese Länder das ACTA mit unterzeichnet haben, ohne das dafür irgendwelche Beweise von Rechtsbrüchen vorliegen müssen.

En ce qui concerne l' ACTA (soi-disant Accord commercial anti-contrefaçon) acceptée par l'Union européenne, nous nous sentons obligés de vous avertir que notre site pourrait devenir bientôt indisponible dans certains pays.

ACTA a été initié par des organisations se décrivant comme « Défenseur des artistes contre les mauvais pirates » et il a été inscrit de force dans des négociations secrètes en Union Européenne, à l'initiative du gouvernement des USA. Des organisations non gouvernementales partout dans le monde condamnent aussi bien le caractère secret de ces négociations que l'autorisation permettant à cet accord de couper des sites "gênants" pour les gouvernements ayant signé l' ACTA, sans qu'il soit besoin de prouver une quelconque infraction de loi.

Radioactive@Home team
17 Jan 2012 | 22:58:56 UTC · Comment

Project FAQ
Because of a large number of questions emailed to us, we decided to write a short article in form of a FAQ.
Use this link to read it.
13 Jan 2012 | 16:23:03 UTC · Comment

We already have geiger tubes for actual edition & PCB's too :)
20 Dec 2011 | 19:14:03 UTC · Comment

Radioactive@Home IRC channel
If you like to speak with project admins, feel free to join ours IRC channel at:

#boinc@poland channel on server
12 Dec 2011 | 14:30:38 UTC · Comment

Press info by PAP
Polska Agencja Prasowa (Polish Press Agency) has published short article about our project.
Internauci mierzą radioaktywność w Polsce (Polish).
12 Dec 2011 | 12:10:55 UTC · Comment

End of orders collecting
Currently 215 detectors ordered by volunteers.

We don't collect any more orders at the moment.
Next batch are planned for early stage next year.

We appreciate all persons who trust us again - all of you are great!
5 Dec 2011 | 17:09:05 UTC · Comment

Second detector release
The collection for Radioactive@home detectors

As we announced earlier, we start second pre-sale of Radioactive@Home detectors.
This time however the detector will be in enclosure, but it is still a "kit" so it will require assembly. The detector will be sent as a PCB wit case and Geiger tube. You will have to buy USB A->B cable (such as for a printer). The date of shipment - January 2012


All that contacted us regarding group sale are requested not to order the detectors through main site.

Group orders will be realised by contacting through PM on the project forum!!!
20 Nov 2011 | 15:59:21 UTC · Comment

According to the promise made when our project started, we decided to publish the source files of client application and detector firmware.

Application files are written in C/C++
Detector firmware as project for AVR Studio 5

We are work now on setup SVN server for better access to this files and open access to it as soon as possible.
5 Nov 2011 | 10:09:00 UTC · Comment

Shopping cart tests
In next few days we plan to make some tests for shopping cart.
Please, don't place any orders yet!!!
All stock will be placed only for testing purposes and prices and parcel costs will be not correct!
31 Oct 2011 | 16:19:24 UTC · Comment

Preparing for secend detectors release
Therefore, the first batch of sensors spread fairly smoothly and we noted no major problems with their operation, we decided to inform you that we are preparing for the next batch.
Over the next two weeks we should start a collection for a series of 100 to 200 pieces of detectors (depending on your interests).
The second series is likely to include special packaging (however, will continue to be necessary to assembly it yourself - it is still a "kit") and will allow the battery power. The price we will try to keep the same, or slightly higher level.

Anyone who planning a group purchase, please contact me via PM.
30 Oct 2011 | 12:22:34 UTC · Comment

Radiation map available
On this page is available radiation map where you can watch the constantly updated map of gamma radiation detected by our detectors.

Each point has a basic set of information about individual detectors, such as:

The last measured radiation
The name of the volunteer and his team
Chart with last measured values ​​of radiation

In the case of high radiation measured at a given location marker on the first turns yellow and then red.
29 Oct 2011 | 16:13:19 UTC · Comment

Charts tests
We are currently work on map and charts on the site, so some "alerts" can be visible - don't worry, this is not nuclear war or accident in power plant - thats only our tests. 25 Oct 2011 | 12:23:11 UTC · Comment

Assembly manual available
On the home page we published in English, brief assembly instruction for detector Radioactive@Home. 15 Oct 2011 | 12:26:01 UTC · Comment

Almost all GRS'es sent!
The first 16 detectors has been sent today. On Wednesday I will send the next 25-30 and at the end of this week the rest of them.

*GRS - Gamma Radiation Sensor
10 Oct 2011 | 12:58:22 UTC · Comment

Detectors shipping soon!
Sorry about delay but during the tests in Prypiat our fellow found a bug in firmware which caused in freezing the value at the LCD or even show values under zero. Now when this bug is fixed and sensors passed all the tests I can send it to you.
Everybody who ordered the sensor should have the device before the end of October.
6 Oct 2011 | 16:28:15 UTC · Comment

Prypiat - Radioactive@Home detector hard test...
September 29, our detector will perform readings in extreme conditions. One member of our team will install it for some time in the primary school building in the area contaminated as a result of the accident at Chernobyl (Ukraine) 25 years ago.

The second test will measure radiation near the bucket lifting highly contaminated.

21 Sep 2011 | 12:51:49 UTC · Comment

Two detectors comparation
Thanks Svistakobtained are compared to our detector with the detector MKS-05 Terra. As you can see of linked images, obtained results are very similar.
Some pictures:
You can also watch a short film showing the operation of our detector.[/url]
12 Sep 2011 | 20:35:04 UTC · Comment

Radioactive@Home for Android - first tests
Mtaszpk, BOINC@Poland team member have started work on Radioactive@Home application for Android based mobiles.
This is very early stage of application and only supports mobiles with support for OTG (USB on the GO) like Samsung Galaxy S2.

If you like to test app on your mobile, download it from this location... all question will be answered on BOINC@Poland forum (Polish and English).
28 Aug 2011 | 12:02:36 UTC · Comment

Geiger-Muller tubes arrived!
Today I received a parcel with STS-5 G-M tubes and some additional (gratis): BOI-33, BOB-33A & DOB-50 for tests.
Now I'm going to test every tube to be sure that you will receive a good one.
Parcel with all the parts is here! (22.09.2011)
16 Aug 2011 | 6:37:09 UTC · Comment

First part orders for KITs...
Today we have confirmed and paid the orders for STS-5 G-M tubes and 90% of the rest electronic parts. We are waiting for a confirmation about production of the PCB and from our LCD supplier.

TJM run sending trickle messages so now we have semi realtime database update.
12 Aug 2011 | 15:32:39 UTC · Comment

Detector diagram and source code
Lot of volunteers ask us for our detector diagram and source code for device to build their own one.
Diagram is available on our main web site ( - you have to remember that we have changed microprocessor used on project to Attiny4313).
Source code for used software (both: controller and client) will be available soon...
2 Aug 2011 | 18:18:44 UTC · Comment

Geiger Counter in action
It's a time to show our counter in action.
Below is a picture of our detectors. The red and black wires are connected to SBM-20 Geiger tube, on left side is visible USB connector.

28 Jul 2011 | 16:56:13 UTC · Comment

Detector's pre-ordering
We have collected required quantity of orders. Please do not place orders until futher notice.

We can now start pre-ordering action for self-assembled detector's kit's.
More info on main website
26 Jul 2011 | 16:52:45 UTC · Comment

CPU change
We have successfully tested our software for micro controller on Attiny4313 (on Diagram is still Attiny2313).
This change is reasonable. We can now use LCD display (e.g. to show current radiation values).
Previous mounted Attiny2313 have just enough memory to supply HID interface together with impulse counter and timer.
9 Jul 2011 | 19:34:19 UTC · Comment

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