is a Polish science project using the distributed computing capabilities of the BOINC platform. The main goal of the project is to create a free and continuously updated map of radiation levels available for everyone, by gathering information about gamma radiation using sensors connected to the computers of volunteers willing to participate in the project. Project is completely non-commercial, participating will be free of charge (excluding cost of detector) and the software will be licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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How to join to project?

Because of a large number of questions emailed to us, we decided to write a short article in form of a FAQ.

1. What are the requirements on the user side from the project?

Radioactive@home is running on a BOINC platform and requires a detector (designed by us) to be attached to the USB port and working. Currently there is no alternative for this detector. However all the information needed to build the detector are published on the site. You will be also needing a BOINC manager, You can download it from this site.

The minimal hardware requirements are very limited. Every machine capable of running Windows 2000 with SP4 or newer, or Linux with kernel 2.6 or newer. The Graphical interface in Linux is not needed.

2. How much does the detector cost?

Final cost of the detector is 25-27 Euro. We put the prices in Euro because price of almost all the parts needed for the detector is depending on Euro exchange rate. For example in August 2011 the price was 90PLN and in December 118PLN.

3. How can I purchase the detector?

We are organising prepaid sale every few months. We announce prepaid on the project site. Next prepaid action is planned for February (this may change). Please do not send the money before announcement. Because of the fact that all the team of Radioactive@home is working on the project in their free time, we are unable to track such payments. It will cause us to focus more on this issue instead of working on a project.

4. How do I sign up for the project?

Registration is available under the link Join on the main site.

5. Where can I ask questions about the project?

Every question not answered in this text You can ask on the forum or directly to me.