is a Polish science project using the distributed computing capabilities of the BOINC platform. The main goal of the project is to create a free and continuously updated map of radiation levels available for everyone, by gathering information about gamma radiation using sensors connected to the computers of volunteers willing to participate in the project. Project is completely non-commercial, participating will be free of charge (excluding cost of detector) and the software will be licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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BOINC@Poland team starts new project!

BOINC@Poland Team gave life to a new distributed computing project under the name Radioactive@Home. Project aims to create a network of gamma radiation detectors, based on cheap DIY modules, and publishing instant reports (in form of maps)about the level and changes of radiation. We are currently finishing the construction of the prototype detector. First constructions should be operatonal next week, working applicationshould be developed within next two or three weeks since the first detectors will be online

Any parts created by the members of our team will by licensed under GPL

Very soon we will publish all technical data about our Geiger counter (including diagram).