is a Polish science project using the distributed computing capabilities of the BOINC platform. The main goal of the project is to create a free and continuously updated map of radiation levels available for everyone, by gathering information about gamma radiation using sensors connected to the computers of volunteers willing to participate in the project. Project is completely non-commercial, participating will be free of charge (excluding cost of detector) and the software will be licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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Technical data

400 V DC/DC Converter with a Choke

Since the transformer used currently in the converter block may be problematic in terms of availability and construction, I have decided to design a compatible converter using a choke.

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New detector prototype

Some time ago, an idea emerged to design an alternative detector for Radioactive@Home project. Current design caused some problems sometimes, so I decided to challenge the problem and come up with my own solution. Unfortunately I was busy with my day job so the work was a step by step on the evenings. Currently the prototype is at he stage where it can be plugged in for the project, so it is a high time to publish schematics and some info.

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Radioactive@Home detector assembly manual

When device is connected to the USB on the right side of the board - from items marked as R22, R23 to the right there is a voltage ~ 400VDC which may be hazardous to your health and even life!

Do not touch the right half of the board during operation!

Since the voltage converter controller is inserted into its socket and the USB connection is plugged in, you take a full responsibility for possible electric shock and/or other injury.

Keep away from small children and pets!

Read more: Radioactive@Home detector assembly manual

New detector firmware

Yesterday a new version of detector version 1 software has been released.

Currently there is a possibility to issue several commands from within the application and the actual value of radiation detected is displayed in 40 seconds interval.

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Micro-controller CPU change

We have successfully tested our software for micro controller on Attiny4313 (on Diagram is still Attiny2313).
This change is reasonable. We can now use LCD display (e.g. to show current radiation values).
Previous mounted Attiny2313 have just enough memory to supply HID interface together with impulse counter and timer.